Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

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Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Table of Contents

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

3 Enchanted Charms of Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida

There is never a dull moment in Bali. One of the natural charms that keeps bringing tourists back to Bali is Kelingking Beach. There is something unique about this beach. Its uniqueness is what makes tourists want to come back time and time again.

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This beach in Nusa Penida is a wild and secluded beach. The view from this beach is truly amazing. It can make up for the long journey that tourists take to reach certain spots. Are you interested in visiting it?

Location, How to Get There and Ticket Prices for Kelingking Beach

The full address of Kelingking Beach is Karang Dawa, Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida. The island of Nusa Penida itself lies to the south-east of Bali, separate from the main island. To reach this enchanting natural tourist spot, tourists have to make a short journey.

  1. Take a ferry or a fast boat from Sanur Beach. The journey by speedboat from Sanur Beach takes about 30 to 45 minutes. The one way fast boat fare is IDR 90,000.
  2. After arriving at Nusa Penida Harbour in Toyapakeh and Banjar Nyuh, tourists have to travel another 25 km to reach Kelingking Beach. This journey takes between 45 and 60 minutes.

Before setting off for this exotic beach in Nusa Penida, prepare funds to pay for a speedboat and hire a vehicle to take you to Kelingking Beach. Also prepare funds to pay for the Kelingking Beach Entrance Fee before arriving at this natural tourist destination.

So far, the ticket price for Kelingking Beach is still very affordable at only IDR 10,000 per person. For tourists who come with their own car, there is a parking fee which is only IDR 5,000. 

We will attach a map of Kelingking Beach locations to make it easier for you to find this awesome place, please see the map below:

Climbing Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

If the majestic view from Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida is not enough, there is also a path that leads down to the beach at the bottom.

This climb requires a lot of energy, is somewhat daunting for those with a fear of heights, and takes at least 2 hours return. It is very steep and requires you to concentrate and if you are not careful, it is very dangerous to get hurt.

Tourists climb at Kelingking beach
Tourists climb at Kelingking beach

Wear proper footwear when climbing down. Sandals won't give you enough grip, and the rocks are too hot for bare feet.

Drinks are sometimes sold down below, but they are more expensive and there is no guarantee that they will be available. You can buy drinks at one of the stalls near the top of the cliff before you start climbing.

The beach at the bottom is unspoilt, the waves are big and there are even some caves down there, as you can see in the picture below!

Waves at Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach offers various natural attractions

Kelingking Beach has managed to attract both local and foreign tourists. T-Rex Bay is another name many people know for Kelingking Beach. This nickname was given for a reason. The cliffs at T-Rex Bay really do resemble a roaring T-Rex.

There are some other facts that you should know before visiting this spot in Nusa Penida. Here is some information about Kelingking Beach that you should know.

1.The Beach is Under the Cliff

Unlike most beaches that are located on a wide plain, the beach at T-Rex Bay is located far below a rather steep cliff. To get to the beach, tourists have to go down stairs that are quite steep and tiring.

Unfortunately, visitors are not advised to climb down the steep cliff. It is much safer to enjoy the charm of Kelingking Beach from the top of the hill, especially if visitors are not fit or used to climbing cliffs.

2. Titanic Shipwreck Site

Although you can only enjoy its beautiful charm from the top of the hill, visitors can still enjoy precious moments and immortalise their memories by taking photos at the Titanic shipwreck spot. The spot is located at the entrance to Kelingking Beach.

From the ticket office, walk straight ahead to reach this photo spot. Meanwhile, to go straight to the most famous spot above T-Rex Bay, turn right after passing the Kelingking Beach ticket office.

3. Challenging Kelingking Beach Swing

There used to be a unique and interesting spot called Love Tree. This spot is a dry tree that tourists often climb to take pictures on the Kelingking Beach hill. Unfortunately, this tree was damaged in 2018. Instead, there is another interesting spot called Kelingking Swing.

At Kelingking Swing, visitors can take photos on the swing with a backdrop of enchanting blue sea water and fresh green hills. This is an extreme beach, so be careful with the use of the swing, especially if you are with children.

Kelingking Beach is the most beautiful natural charm hidden in Nusa Penida, Bali. There are several unique spots that must be visited when travelling to Kelingking Beach. But first, prepare your budgets accordingly for transportation and attraction’s entry ticket.

ADDITIONAL: Paluang Cliff

Just a 5 minute drive, not too far from the Kelingking beach, there is another point of attraction. Paluang cliff may not be as well known as the more famous Kelingking sites, but that's part of the appeal of this spot. It’s a hidden spot that offers a different view of the cliffs.

Read more about this site: Viewpoint Paluang Cliff

Another Tips to Nusa Penida

Looking for more information about Nusa Penida? Get all the information you need with travel tips, maps, photos and more.

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Nusa Penida Tour with Private Driver

First of all, we would like to inform you that there are many tour operators that offer trip packages to Nusa Penida with cheap prices, however during the tour many of their clients feel that they are spending a lot of additional cost that doesn’t include in the published rates.

That's why it's important to choose the right operator to take you to Nusa Penida. You don't want to feel cheated or disappointed, right?

Tourists taking picture at Kelingking Beach’s cliff
Tourists taking picture at Kelingking Beach’s cliff

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