How to Reach to Nusa Penida

How to Reach to Nusa Penida

Table of Contents
How to Reach to Nusa Penida
Table of Contents

How to Reach to Nusa Penida

This article on tips for visiting Nusa Penida will explain how to travel or just visit Nusa Penida safely and smoothly and what transport can be used when exploring this place, read on.

Where is Nusa Penida Island?

Nusa Penida is a small island located 25 kilometres (15 miles) southeast of Bali, Indonesia.

Pemandangan Atuh Beach
Atuh beach beautiful view

Nusa Penida has two small adjacent islands, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, but Nusa Penida is the most famous of the three for its beautiful cliff views and stunning beaches.

It's a much smaller island than Bali, but it has some of the most stunning views in the entire province of Bali (of which it is a part).

tour nusa penida swing diamond
Swing activities in Diamond Beach

This beautiful island can be visited as a day trip from Bali (return in the same day), but we suggest the best option is to spend at least a few days in Nusa Penida to see all the Nusa Penida’s beautiful sights.

tour nusa penida
Kelingking Beach

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How to Reach Nusa Penida from Bali

There are 2 fast boat harbours we recommend for your smooth and safe trip to Nusa Penida. To make it easier for you to find these two ports, we have also attached maps of these two ports.

1. Sanur Port

From Bali, you will need to take a fast boat or ferry to reach Penida, with the speedboat journey taking around 45 minutes.

There are many speedboat operators who run daily trips to Nusa Penida, and most depart from Sanur Beach in Bali at different times. But we would recommend going to Nusa Penida in the morning, as the sea is flatter in the morning, making it easier for you to get on the boat, and the conditions around the beach are not as hot as in the noon.

Sometimes the seawater can be knee deep, but don't worry, the speedboat crew will be waiting to help you into the speedboat, and for luggage such as suitcases, the porter will be responsible for carrying them into the trunk of the speedboat.

If you bring your own vehicle to Sanur Beach Port, you can leave it there as there is a very large car park for motorbikes and cars. The car park is also for overnight vehicles. You don't need to worry about leaving your own vehicle there, as it is very safe.

The location on the map is the common departure point for all speedboat companies operating this route from Sanur Beach.

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2. Tribuana Port

Apart from Sanur, you can also choose to depart from the port of Tribuana Kusamba, which is about 45 minutes from Denpasar. If you're staying in the Gianyar, Ubud, Klungkung and Karangasem area, we highly recommend choosing this port to sail to Nusa Penida as it's closer than Sanur.

The advantage of departing from Tribuana is that it only takes 25 minutes to get to Nusa Penida, and this port also has a private harbour, making it easier for passengers to get to the speedboat.

The Port of Tribuana also has extensive storage facilities for motorbikes and cars. For motorbikes there is a special place to protect your vehicle from the hot sun and rain as it is stored in a special motorcycle storage room. Just pay IDR 5,000 per day for motorcycles and IDR 10,000 per day for cars.

We also embed a map to Tribuana Harbour if you wish to depart from there:

How to Get Around: Nusa Penida Transportation

Just like in Bali, there are two main modes of transport for exploring Nusa Penida: motorbike rental or car rental with driver.

We recommend that you hire a private car with a driver as it provides a sense of security and comfort for you and your loved ones. The rates are roughly the same as the transportation rental rates on mainland Bali, starting from IDR 550,000 per day including petrol and driver.

You can also choose to rent a motorbike from your accommodation/hotel or from the port in Nusa Penida and the price will be around IDR 75,000 per day.

Things you need to bring with you to Nusa Penida

Most of the items below can probably be found in Nusa Penida, but the quality of anything you buy on the street is not guaranteed (we personally wouldn't use a flimsy street bag to protect expensive camera equipment).

It is a good idea to purchase some of the items below before your trip to Nusa Penida, as they are a guarantee of quality and safety:

  • Waterproof bag: It's important to keep your electronics safe on the boat. Personally, I carry a 30-litre bag that can hold a drone, tablet, camera, phone and many other things. Everything stayed dry, even after several dips in the water!
  • Waterproof phone bag: Same as above, but it’s just for your phone. Perfect if you don't have any other electronics to carry and just need something small to protect your phone.
  • Snorkelling gear: Nusa Penida has many diving spots with beautiful coral and fish that you don't want to miss. Snorkels and masks can be hired on the boat, but if you plan to do several trips it is more economical to bring your own.
  • Water shoes: Protect your feet from pain with water shoes! Avoid cutting yourself on the sharp reef before reaching the boat.
  • Sunglasses: Important to protect your eyes from blinding sunlight.
  • Sun cream: This cream will protect your skin from burning, as Nusa Penida is an area where the intense sun is very hot.

Nusa Penida Tour

Tour Kombinasi Nusa Penida

Firstly, we want to inform you that there are many tour operators to Nusa Penida offering cheap prices, but during the tour you'll feel that there are so many extra costs. 

That's why you must be careful and smart in your choice of tour operator so that you don't feel cheated and disappointed at the end of the day.

Not all tour operators offer the best service, so you need to look carefully for one that is experienced in organising your trip so that your tour goes as smoothly as you expected.

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

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