Crystal Beach Nusa Penida

Crystal Beach Nusa Penida

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Crystal Beach Nusa Penida
Table of Contents

Crystal Beach Nusa Penida

3 Exciting Activities at Crystal Beach Nusa Penida

Bali's allure lies in its stunning and captivating beaches. Among the myriad of beaches in Bali, Crystal Beach Nusa Penida stands out as one of the must-visit destinations when holidaying on the Island of the Gods. So what does this beach have to offer?

Well, true to its name, this beach boasts crystal clear waters. There are many activities you can enjoy here. But before you do, find out more about the location of this beach, how to get there, how much it costs to get there and what it has to offer.

Tickets, location and directions to Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach Nusa Penida

Located in Sakti Village, Klungkung, Nusa Penida, this beach boasts crystal clear waters that are a sight to behold. To get to Crystal Bay from the main island of Bali, tourists must first cross the sea before continuing by land. Here’s the route you can follow:

  1. Use a fast boat to reach Banjar Nyuh or Toya Pakeh ports, both located on the west side of Nusa Penida. Departures are available from Traditional Kusamba Port, Sanur Port, or Padang Bai Port. The fast boat ticket price is IDR 90,000.
  2. Upon arrival at the port on the west side of Nusa Penida Island, tourists can travel by land using a rented car or motorcycle to Crystal Beach Nusa Penida.

It’s much more convenient if visitors depart with a travel agent. All transportation arrangements from the main island to Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay, and various other tourist spots are included in the package, so visitors don’t have to worry about routes or transportation.

Just like at Kuta Beach, visitors to Crystal Bay are allowed to enter the beach area without having to pay an entrance fee. However, if visitors come with their own vehicle, there is a parking fee to be paid, which is only IDR 5,000.

Snorkeling Spots in Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Snorkeling equipment can be rented here for IDR 50k (~$3 USD), and the coral should be quite good if you venture further out, but be careful as we’ve heard the sea currents in this bay can be a bit unpredictable at certain points.

Perahu di Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

In general, there are many traditional boats anchored in the bay for you to board.

Discover the Temples at Crystal Beach Nusa Penida

There’s a small rocky island with a few trees in the middle of the bay, but access for tourists is limited because there’s an old Hindu temple on top of it.

Batu karang yang terletak di Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

There’s also a temple on the main beach surrounded by palm trees that makes for a cool photo spot, and you can enter if you’re dressed appropriately (wearing a sarong).

Terdapat Pura di Crystal Bay

Relax and Enjoy the Ocean at Crystal Beach

Our first visit to Crystal Bay was in 2017, back when Penida was a quieter island and still in the process of being discovered by tourists.

Bersatai sambil makan dan minum di Crystal Bay

When we flew a small drone over the ocean and saw boats from a distance, while several local children gathered to watch.

The beach here is pretty crowded with tourists now, but it's still worth a stop for a look or a bit of relaxation.

3 Exciting Activities You Can Do at The Crystal Beach in Nusa Penida

This crystal clear beach welcomes visitors with several interesting activities. During your visit to Crystal Bay, there are many fun activities that can be done. A few exciting activities that are suitable to do at this beach include:

Scuba diving or snorkeling

Scuba diving and snorkeling are even more enjoyable at this beach as the seawater is very clear. Under the clear blue water there are beautiful coral reefs and all kinds of lovely underwater creatures. There are also all kinds of sea creatures and fish that are ready to greet the visitors.

All the sea creatures can be seen very clearly thanks to the crystal-clear water. At Crystal Beach Nusa Penida, we kindly ask you not to bring any food into the sea and not to feed the sea animals. This is part of the effort to keep the seawater clean.

Penida Snorkeling Crystal Bay Nusa

Crystal Bay Point

After enjoying the fresh water and ready to explore the area around Crystal Bay, visitors can head to a point that offers a complete view of the beautiful bay. To reach this point, visitors have to climb hundreds of steps.

But after arriving tired at the top of the hill, visitors will not be sorry. From the top of the hill you will see a beautiful group of homelands, temples, beautiful green hills and fresh blue sea water. The combination of all this can eliminate the fatigue of climbing.

Enjoy the sunset at Crystal Beach Nusa Penida

Sunset or sunset is always able to create a romantic and warm impression. But the sunset at Crystal Bay is much more beautiful because it combines with green hills, cliffs in the middle of the sea and blue sea water with soft white foam. The curved shape of the bay makes it perfect.

Find the best spot before the sun sets so you can enjoy the most romantic sunset moments with your partner before you run out of space.

How to Reach Crystal Beach Nusa Penida?

Crystal Bay is located on the west side of the island of Nusa Penida.

It is accessible by car or scooter, about 30 minutes drive from the main pier and accommodation in Penida North.

I am attaching a map of the location of Crystal Bay Beach to make it easier for you to find it and visit it:

If you are looking for more information about how to get to Nusa Penida, you can find it here.

Trip to Nusa Penida

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Crystal Beach Nusa Penida Tour

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