Peguyangan Waterfall 

Peguyangan Waterfall 

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Peguyangan Waterfall 
Table of Contents

Peguyangan Waterfall 

air terjun peguyangan penida bali

The south-eastern part of Nusa Penida is one area that is worth a visit. One of the interesting destinations on this beach is the Peguyangan (also known as “Guyangan”) Waterfall. Join Wisata Bali Penida to visit and explore this waterfall. The atmosphere you will get while spending time in this area is explained in these paragraphs below.

Route to Peguyangan Waterfall

The route to the waterfall is quite challenging as you have to follow a bumpy gravel road. Expect to walk at least 10 to 15 minutes before reaching the waterfall. The site is located in Batukandik, Klungkung, Bali. Some tourists choose to hire a motorbike to get to the spot quicker.

6 Wonderful Things to do at Peguyangan Waterfall

A visit to this area is not just about the waterfalls; there are a number of other interesting things to do during your stay at this waterfall. There are a number of other interesting things that you can do while you spend time at this waterfall.

1. Taking Pictures in Blue Stairs 

As you explore the island of Nusa Penida, you will come across several stairs. This waterfall's stairs is one of them. The unique part of this staircase is its blue colour. Compared to the other stairs there, it has a more iconic look. Most of the tourists who come to this area take a picture on the stairs. With the beach in the background, this area has a charming appearance. 

2. Local Culture Experience

The fact that Peguyangan is considered a sacred place by the local community is another unique aspect of the waterfall. They often organise several religious events. Therefore, those who wish to enter the waterfall must wear a sarong. Make sure you're careful where you step as the sarong may hinder you from moving. 

3. Capturing Beautiful Sights of Peguyangan Waterfall

It takes about 20 minutes to walk down from the top of the cliff. The view from the top of the cliff is fantastic. You will be able to see some wild manta rays swimming around. If you want to see the sunset, visiting this area in the afternoon is a good choice. 

However, once the sun has set, you should return to the top before the area gets darker. 

4. Exploring the Sacred Temple

At this point you will see a sacred temple with natural springs of water. There are three springs in the area. The locals use them to bathe and clean themselves before entering the grounds. 

Take your time to photograph interesting objects and places in the area. Be careful not to do anything that goes against the local traditions and make sure you bring some snacks and water with you as there is only one food stall at the top of the stairs. 

5. Cascading Pool

There are also cascading pools in this area. The water looks so clean and clear. The beauty of this place is enhanced by its surroundings. Sometimes you can see some of the local people performing some rituals at this waterfall. 

6. Sunset View in Peguyangan Waterfall

This area is connected to other beaches such as Kelingking Beach. You can go to this beach to watch the sunset if you want to spend time watching the sunset after visiting Peguyangan Waterfall. Of course, if you want to stay at Peguyangan Waterfall and enjoy the sunset, you can do so as well, depending on your choice.

2 Days 1 Night Nusa Penida Tour Package, Peguyangan Waterfall Includes

You don't need to search for routes and organise your own itinerary before spending time on the island of Nusa Penida. It's a waste of time, especially if you don't know the island. We recommend that you take a specific tour, such as the 2 Days Nusa Penida Tour Package.

We have designed this package for tourists who want to explore Nusa Penida but have limited free time. You will explore the most famous and iconic places around the island, including Peguyangan Waterfall.

Let us worry about everything. All you have to do is enjoy the trip from start to finish. This package includes a professional guide and driver who speaks fluent English. They also know the area around Nusa Penida very well.

This will be your comfortable and safe trip with all the services and facilities of the tour. Apart from enjoying the beautiful views and new environment, you can also feel the sensation of eating there. There are indeed many photos, videos and memories that you will take with you after this trip.


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